Thomas Lobl

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Tom Lobl

Entrepreneur in Residence

Dr. Lobl works with the new project development group at AMI-USC to help develop and launch University of Southern California biomedical discoveries having important commercial potential.  He works with the AMI team to assess the medical/scientific potential and to help move them forward until they are ready to license to a for-profit company or spin out into a start-up company.  Additionally, he is working with AMI teams to provide business development and commercialization input by conducting primary and secondary research on projects of interest. Finally, Tom said that one of the perks from being at AMI is to be able to interact with really smart AMI interns and consulting with the Institute’s intern programs when his experience can provide benefit.

Dr. Lobl has over 48 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries and has been involved at the bench and management levels in nearly every aspect of pharmaceutical discovery, research, and development from idea generation through clinical trials. His research experience includes immunology, inflammatory diseases, and infectious diseases – all relevant to the most active approaches being studied for treating COVID-19 – and cancer, reproductive, and endocrinology disease areas. He has taken drug and device projects from conception stages, basic research, through clinical trials and has presented and managed regulatory filings with the FDA, Health Canada, and European regulatory agencies in Germany, France, Belgium, and the UK.  Tom’s laboratory level scientific and research experience is quite broad and includes small organic molecule medicinal and peptide/protein chemistry, drug discovery and development, drug and tissue-specific delivery systems. 

Dr. Lobl began his career at The Upjohn Company (now part of Pfizer) and has worked in both big pharma and a variety of biotech start-up companies in various management positions. In 2002, Tom joined the Al Mann family of companies at AlleCure/Mannkind as VP of Research and Development and subsequently as Senior VP of Research and Development. In January 2004, he helped to start NeuroSystec and was acting CEO for nearly seven years. NeuroSystec was developing an anti-tinnitus drug which was sold to Otonomy. From October 2011 until October 2015, he worked at the Alfred Mann Foundation as an Emerging Technology Strategist. In November 2015, he began working at the Alfred E. Mann Institute at the University of Southern California as Entrepreneur in Residence and as a consultant. He has mentored several start-up companies to help with their early development and interactions with VCs and angel investors.  He also has successful experience in grant writing. 

Tom has over 76 publications and patents and has been a scientific reviewer or editorial board member on a variety of scientific journals. He has been a board member and/or officer of a number of scientific organizations. Tom has been on the Board of Directors of the American Tinnitus Association and its chair and on the Keck Graduate Institute Advisory Council. He is/has been on a number of NIH grant review study sections (most recently on the Sensory Technologies Study Section) and has been a consumer reviewer for the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (CDMRP), administered by the Army.

Focusing now on a matter of current medical urgency, he has been consulting with two companies working on COVID-19 diagnostics and following the research into new diagnostics and drug/vaccines being developed for COVID-19. He is looking forward to working with USC COVID-19 researchers as they evaluate the potential of their research for commercialization. 

Dr. Lobl has a PhD from Johns Hopkins University in organic chemistry with a minor in biochemistry and did post-graduate work at Caltech and Rockefeller University in bio-organic chemistry. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Tom is a Fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering. 

Dr. Lobl may be contacted at tom.lobl AT usc DOT edu

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