Current Programs and Projects

Adhesives for Fragile and Sensitive Skin

A thermally-triggered reversible adhesive that can be used on dressings, bandages, wound closure systems, and dermal drug delivery systems. The adhesive firmly adheres to skin at body temperature (30-38°C), decreasing the temperature inactivates the adhesive (15°C). The initial focus is on bandages and dressings for the geriatric and pediatric markets. Patents have been issued and are pending. This is a collaboration program with Professor Mark Thompson within the Department of Chemistry at the University of Southern California.

Biothelium, Inc. – Pro-Healing Coatings for Vascular Applications

Biothelium incorporates a nano-engineered coating on the stent surface, which reduces restenosis and thrombosis via improvements in the endothelium to smooth the muscle cell regeneration ratio by promoting endothelial cell proliferation while inhibiting smooth muscle proliferation. This is a collaboration program with Professor Tejal Desai at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).


Mesencyte is a platform regenerative cell therapy for autoimmune diseases, chronic diseases such as diabetes and dental tissue regeneration. The technology is based on research done by Professor Songtao Shi and clinical data collected from over 200 patients in collaboration with clinicians at Nanjing University in China and the Medical University of South Carolina.