Frequently Asked Questions

Alfred E. Mann wanted to bridge the gap between biomedical inventions and innovations at universities and their adoption and use in the healthcare industry through commercialization. Mr. Mann’s vision was to fill that gap with institutes like AMI-USC dedicated to educating, training, and moving university discovery research into the healthcare arena by funding various aspects of technology including business development, regulatory, intellectual property as well as application development. Mr. Mann and USC’s President, Steven Sample, worked together to have the first of these Institutes reside at USC.

AMI-USC was established as a separate not-for-profit corporation that is affiliated with USC. It is operated as a separate entity independent from any academic department or college within USC.

AMI-USC focuses on biomedical engineering.

AMI-USC has evaluated and developed technologies from a variety of researchers and departments throughout USC. Collaborators have included researchers within the Keck School of Medicine, Ostrow School of Dentistry, Keck Hospital, Norris Cancer Center, School of Pharmacy, and the Viterbi School of Engineering, amongst others.

AMI-USC is an independent 501(c)(3) organization. Other organizations with the Alfred Mann name include:

  • The Alfred Mann Institute for Biomedical Development at the Technion (AMIT) is a biomedical accelerator hub at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology.
  • The Alfred E. Mann Foundation for Scientific Research (AMFSR) accelerates the development of new medical technologies such as implantable neurostimulator systems.

The professional backgrounds of AMI-USC staff are quite varied and include science, engineering, legal, business, financial, human resources, and regulatory backgrounds. Staff members have come from private industry and academia. Many of the staff have backgrounds in multiple disciplines. For details, please see the AMI-USC Team.

The USC Stevens Center for Innovation is USC’s technology transfer office.  It is a university-wide resource that focuses on licensing technologies and developing collaborative relationships between the university and industry.  AMI-USC, on the other hand, is a technology development center focused on the commercialization of a small number of select medical technologies from USC. AMI-USC and USC Stevens will often work closely together to evaluate USC’s commercially-promising medical technologies.

Commercialization of a given technology is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Certain technologies may be adopted by industry partners in the form of a licensing agreement. Other technologies may benefit more from a company launch dedicated to further development and commercialization.

AMI-USC is involved with outreach programs on campus. These include teaching, guest lecturing, student internships, graduate student fellowships, and student organization support. For more information, please see the AMI-USC Outreach page.